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Religion - Giving Ireland Webinar
The Giving Ireland report 2021 launched on 20th Oct, indicates the Religion subsector saw a decrease in fundraised income by -6%, in 2018-2019.
Total Giving in Ireland was €1.78 billion, as a percentage of GDP (Gross Domestic Product), that equates to 0.5% GDP, for that period.

When compared to the UK, if the Irish nonprofit sector fulfilled its potential in attracting sources of philanthropic support to a similar level as the UK (their GDP rate is 0.84%), Irish overall Giving could increase to approx €2.99 billion. If we were to focus on the Religion subsector’s current fundraising trends relative to other subsectors, this represents approximately an additional €285 million in fundraised income for the Religion subsector alone. How can we close this gap?

We will look in more detail at the funding of the Religion subsector, its trends relative to other subsectors and discuss the impact of Covid (2019 is the last full year of pre-covid stats, so it’s the baseline for comparison when assessing Covid's impact).

All who register for the webinar will receive a copy of the recording, following the webinar.


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